Pshaw, Just Chicken Feed

I am working on compiling 2010 tax information (thank-you Quicken!) for the farm. We purchased $920.49 worth of chicken feed/grit last summer for the meat birds and egg layers. We bought in 50# bags through the co-op feed store for around $12 per bag-not organic this year. We finished 120 birds averaging 7.25 lbs and 10 egg layers. The hen feed and meat bird feed was not recorded separately, so I am ignoring the hens for these calculations. 2550 # of feed for a season average 125 meat birds = 20.4 # feed per bid = 2.8# feed/# butchered bird. I do not know how these number compare to other producers, but it will be interesting to see how these number change from year to year as our pastures improve, or breed to breed if we go with something other than the Freedom Rangers


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