Spring Frenzy

We had our first 70 degree day here in Northern WI, the snow is gone and we had our first tornado of the season-it must be spring!  I am finally realizing that we will be picking up our piglets in 3 weeks!  Um, 21 days…wait, I’m not ready yet.  I have found a local source for organic feed-but fencing, shelter, waterers still need to be purchased.  It’s time to get out of the planning phase and into the doing. 

It is also time to get the laying hens out of the shed/brooder and into their pasture shelter so I can clean out a winter’s worth of coop litter and get it into the garden.  Some folks might see only stinky chicken poo, but I see a garden flourishing with juicy tomatoes, and thick crunchy carrots!  The Freedom Rangers will be here in mid-May and the additional 25 layer hens need to be ordered too.  I am struggling to not get overwhelmed by dealing with my mother’s estate, getting the trim finished in the house, the workshop built, renewing the lease on our still unsold house in town and oh yes, the culvert which washed out at the end of our driveway!  At  least life is not dull!



3 responses to “Spring Frenzy

  • Judy

    The weather here has been glorious as well. Fortunately, we were spared the severe weather that seemed to go all around us. It sounds like you are busy, busy, busy. Hang in there. Things will slow down… in November……. Oops, that’s not very helpful, is it.

  • Al@Dandelion Acres

    But deep down you really love it…LOL. I know I do, and it gets just a little crazier every day around here as well. Hang in there, keep on keepin on, good things are on the way!!! The tornado went south of us…Pretty soon we will be talking about blizzards again before we know it, might as well enjoy this while we can!!

  • 1hickchick

    I DO love it. I keep thinking how damn lucky I am! I could be still in town and only concerned about raking the lawn and flowers in pots! Instead i get to watch the Tundra Swans migrate and watch Northern Harriers hunt for mice!

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