Walls of Wittenberg

An artist?  Really?  Someone would want to see my stuff?  This is so COOL.  Three of my aunts and one cousin will have our horse themed artwork featured in a show!  Something along the line of  ‘those Johnson girls and their horses’ .  I have a family of incredible artists-potters, painters, musicians, graphic artists, photographers and writers.

After seeing the amazing images of the larger than  life sized horse puppets from the play War Horse, and thinking about the horses and other animals which gave their lives  in WWI (They Had No Choice); she was inspired to involve the rest of us to produce some horse inspired work to be shown at the WOWSPACE in Wittenberg.   We have been accepted and are on the schedule for next April.   Now comes the hard  part-producing the art.  I do charcoal drawings and recently I worked out how to add watercolor washes over the top to give color and interest.   Sounds like a good rainy day project


2 responses to “Walls of Wittenberg

  • Judy

    How cool is that! Congrats!!

  • Illoura

    Congratulations! Oh so cool, to mix charcoal and paint! I am amazed at the detail you can achieve that way, and really like the effect of it on the horse you’re showing. (I’m partial to horse pictures!)
    I lived in WI when I was a child and remember the giant mosquitoes and tornadoes…and the everlasting snow! How does one farm in that climate? It’s a great place to be an indoor artist… lol. Will you post some kind of way to view all the art when/after you have it displayed at the art show? (For those of us no longer in WI?)
    Thanks so much for sharing your art!

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