Piglets Make Me Laugh


first day
The piglets were delivered late last Thursday.     I held them in a small enclosure  made of livestock panels and zip-ties overnight.  Friday morning I opened up part of the enclosure to expose them to the electric fence;  imagine my dismay when a group of 3 or 4  just kind of walked through the fence!   But then they walked right back in to be with the rest of the herd, the desire to stay with  the herd is pretty strong and works to my advantage in controlling them–hmm, are you seeing parallels to human behavior here?    

They were much smaller than I had expected!  They were also very wild and wary of people.  The trough I built for them is way too big and they could barely hop over the 2×6  lip into their shelter.  When I look into their pasture from the house, I can only see their ears and waving vegetation.  When they sleep, it is in a big pile-o-piglets, they snore and twitch.  Their hearing does not seem very keen.  I can walk up to them calling out ‘pig-pig’ and tapping the feed bucket and they do not wake up until I am right next to them and then of course they jump away squeee-ing

The girls and I are getting them tamer every day, today they ate chunks of apple core from our hands and followed us to the fence as we left the pasture.  I can see how pigs can endear themselves, they are smart and curious.  I am so glad to be able to raise these guys on pasture, where they can run like a tribe of lost boys through the grass, mud from head to toe.  I cannot picture how different their lives would be stuck in some building with a thousand other pigs, nowhere to run, no mud to roll in, the stench of manure so strong that it literally brings tears to your eyes.  Oh, my eyes are being opened in so many ways through this farmstead experience, I will try to bring more of these eye openers to you as they strike me. 

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