My Day in Pictures

I feel like the days are rapidly unspooling and I am not sure where all the time is going!  At the end of the day I am so physically exhausted but what have I accomplished.  I thought I would photograph my day to help me see where the time (and energy!) are going.

Walk down the driveway for the bus


Geese overhead on my way back up the driveway



Animal chores:  bunnies, chicks, hens and pigs

Fresh grass for the buns


Feed the chicks-all 100 of them!




Move pigs to their next piece of pasture


Laying hens in their movable coop

Next on to my jobs for the day-collecting 2000 ft of 3/4 inch water line from a nearby dairy farm-free for the removal, some tilling for a small plot of sweet corn for the pigs and laundry!

Truck full of water line for the pasture

The John Deere ready to go


Laundry on the line

 I wish I still had my pedometer- I am sure I am over the recommended 10,000 steps   🙂

2 responses to “My Day in Pictures

  • Illoura

    This view of one day – perfect!
    You should do this ‘day view’ every day for a week… or a month!
    Yes, it’s such a treat to experience farm-wife life vicariously through what you’re sharing here…I KNOW you couldn’t have time for such an endeavor, but what can I say? Your still photos are better than TV! I’m addicted.

    • 1hickchick

      There is so much editing of this one day- i did not mention how poorly i smelled or how i could barely stand up to go to bed. I also left out loosing my temper and the big pile of undone dishes and bills.
      (but i still would not trade it for anything!!!)

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