Shotgun or Leftovers?

Something in our pasture has been going bump in the night.   Each of the past few nights I have been loosing one or two laying hens.  I find them in the electronet encloure with their head and neck eaten off.  I thought it was a raccoon, that is their signature.  The grass was getting long and reducing the charge on the netting, along with the rain.  I borrowed a live trap and set that out, made the enclosure smaller and dragged the lawn mower out there.  I scalped the fence  line-no grass shorting out the netting.  I have 7,000 volts running through that netting and still dead chickens.  I was mentally preparing to spend the night in a lawnchair and sleeping bag- 12 gauge in hand.  But why fight nature?  I need to be smarter than the weasel/coon/carnivore so instead Lizzy and i moved the roosting hens into our old ‘chicken fortress’.  It is not as mobile but will keep them safe (i hope). I left the live trap baited with last  nights half eaten chicken in the empty coop, perhaps the carnivore likes leftovers 🙂

Update- empty trap this morning, hens are adjusting to their new digs-why didn’t I think of moving them after the first fatality?


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