Yum, Yum!

We are beginning to get some feedback about the pork.  Frances told me her kids were stealing the ham from her plate!  🙂 This came via e-mail:  “The loin was fantastic.  They left the fat cap on just as I asked.  I brined the whole loin and cut chops off the end. They were nice, 1.5″ thick and about 8-10 oz in weight.  I put them to the grill Monday.  Seared them on both sides and finished over indirect medium heat until they were 155 degrees internally.  Wow, they were fantastic.  The texture was like a fine steak and they were the juiciest chops I’ve ever had.” 
Very nice feedback -it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside!  I certainly know we enjoy having a freezer full of meat we can be sure of.  I am sure they were treated humanely (spoiled even!) and were not given anything weird-no hormones, antibiotics or frankenfoods (GM corn or soy).  I also know that in eating locally we are supporting a really great family (US!), and making something of a political statement on a plate-if you can’t Occupy Wall St. instead you can let our pork chops occupy your plate !

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