What’s a Little Frost? (Lettuce Alone)

We have had some pretty mild weather for October in Wisconsin; I mean here we are nearly Halloween and NO SNOW in the 10 day forecast!  I have a love/hate relationship with fall.  I love the crisp air and cooler temps; I hate the rainy, drizzly days when the endless winter seems upon us.  I love picking apples and watching other people rake leaves (haha my old Rothschild neighbors!); I hate thinking about Christmas.  I love that my messy weedy garden can be tilled under; I hate saying goodbye to all those great (free) veggies. 

I have an experiment going on out in the garden which will hopefully chase away some of my fall veggies blues!  I cobbled together a mini-hot house to grow baby greens.  Just enough protection to extend the season a bit further.  Two repurposed shower doors leaning together over the row  and 2 old bales of straw at the ends.  When the nights get <28 degrees I throw the cushions from our fire pit glider over the glass.  Viola baby greens in October (and November?)

When the nights get too cold for the hot-house I will start microgreens on my window sills (see here for more info).  Depending on how it goes I may just grow some for the hens too, lord knows I have enough sill space on the south of our house and the hens will thrive with extra greens.


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