I miss my cows.  The farmer picked them up yesterday and the pasture looks so empty!  We had a pretty sweet deal worked out -I would graze the calves until the end of grass and the farmer will pay me in hamburger.  A no commitment, easy way to get a feel for what I am in for next year :).  The calves were so easy (compared to pigs) they respected the single line of electric fence, did not destroy anything, easy to move to new grass.  My only mishap was early on when a deer (or something) took out the fence (bent posts and broken fencing) and my calves were just gone in the morning-yikes!  We eventually found them bedded down in the neighboring soybean field and the girls and i got to play cowboy(minus horses) driving them back home.

Experience gained, grass eaten, pasture fertilized and 70# of organic hamburger in the freezer.  What could be better?  I do have an answer-my own cows.


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