Traditional Cooking: Bone Broths

This afternoon I’ll put one of our pastured broilers in the oven with olive oil/salt/rosemary rub under the skin.  The whole house will fill with the smell of  rosemary and roasted chicken.  We will feast on tender juicy chicken with crispy, crunchy skin.  After cleaning the carcass of large pieces of meat, the entire contents of the roasting pan goes into my crock pot, along with a couple of onions, garlic cloves and cider or balsamic vinegar (yes vinegar!).  Add water and simmer the entire mixture overnight and into the next day, skimming any foam which rises to the top.  After cooling a bit, strain it through a colander and allow it to cool further -usually on my front doorstep :).  The fat hardens on top and can be removed if you wish.  The cooled liquid should be thick and jiggley with gelatin from the bird.  This is chicken bone broth; a traditional super food! 

Boiling bones in the slightly acidic solution created by adding vinegar will partially dissolve the bones to make a broth rich in minerals like calcium, phosphorous and magnesium as well as numerous trace minerals.  It is also a source of  glucosamine and chondroitan which help to keep your joints happy!   You truly are what you eat! 

Bone broth makes sense to me on so many levels- many People are lactose-intolerant,  traditional cultures didn’t take multi-vitamins or joint supplements.   I also appreciate using the entire animal- part frugality and part honoring the animal by using it all!

For more information and actual recipes:


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