A Riddle For You…

Question:  What is toxic to Canadians but safe for American consumers?  According to our Food and Drug Administration, the answer is BPA.  Bisphenol A (BPA) is used to make polycarbonate plastics and resins.   Number 3 and 7 plastics, the white plastic lining in your can of stewed tomatoes and carbonless copy paper and thermal paper (think CC receipts) are all sources of exposure.   The Canadian government has declared BPA a toxic substance, but in the States it is ‘generally regarded as safe’. 

Canned tomatoes recently made a list of the top 7 of food to avoid, along with confinement beef, microwave popcorn and conventional apples, milk, and potatoes!  I’ve weaned our family off all the others, but not the tomatoes.  I have actually been stocking up on canned tomatoes products this fall since I cook with them so much. 

The summer I did my very first water bath canning and put up a half-dozen quarts of stewed tomatoes.  It was gratifying to know I could do it and a good afternoon for my first canning experience.  My thoughts that day were that canning was time-consuming, hot work and buying canned was probably not a big deal.  This weekend I pulled all the tomato products out of my cupboard.  Canned pizza sauce, spaghetti sauce, stewed, sauce, paste, and diced.  I debated about throwing them all out, but what are the alternatives?  I have apparently been poisoning my kids everytime I make chili.

Bottom line, use up the home canned tomatoes first.  Plant more paste tomato plants.  Find someone who wants to can with me next summer…any takers?


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