Making Tracks

Yesterday when walking between the house and coop I heard big dog angry barking.  I looked out to the neighbors field and saw his big grey dog running through the field, circling back in what I saw as play body language.   Thinking on it some more- my neighbors dog isn’t grey, and the barking wasn’t happy.   I went out to check on the tracks and this is what I found:

Wow, there were not one but two sets of these big prints out in the field!  I was seeing a ‘dog’ playing and another barking angrily because he is a livestock guardian dog locked in the barn for the day!  The wolves came out of Dad’s woods to the south of us.  Dad was out in the woods cutting firewood, and pretty surprised to come down for lunch and see these prints on top of his morning tracks!

Another fun one :

My prints and the cat’s flanking what I think are raccoon tracks, it wandered up from the south wandered across the back of our house past the wood pile then continued north.


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