City Folks

‘Dear, you’ll never believe what those neighbors from town are doing.  They want to buy that old John Deere running gear for their pigs.  Yep pigs.  They are going to put them out in a field and build a fence and move them around that slough.  They want to use the wagon to shade the pigs.  They’re also building a chicken coop on wheels.  Yep wheels,can you believe it?  They are going to move the chickens behind the cows.  Who ever heard of such a thing?’

My poor retired farmer neighbor!  He is a great neighbor, very helpful and goes out of his way for us.  But I’m afraid he thinks we’re nuts!  I can just hear him talking to other folks at the hardware store or gas station.  Whoooee!  Crazy city people!   Can you believe it?


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