2012 Customer Letter

Dear Friends and Food Enthusiasts;

Summer is here and things on the farm are in full swing!  I wanted to take this opportunity to give you a quick update on farm ‘goings-on’ and to ask you to fill out a Pre-order Form  (see top bar of this blog) if you are interested in buying products from us this year.

This is our third year raising livestock on pasture.  Our pasture is now eligible to become Certified Organic, but we think we can do better.  We are striving for ‘Beyond Organic’.  For us it’s about animal welfare, sustainable practices, pasture based management, no genetically modified feed, medications only if absolutely necessary and of course DELICIOUS and nutritious!

The piglets came earlier than we would have wished, right in the middle of April’s cold rain showers. We ended up with sick and coughing pigs, but got them turned around with a course of antibiotics.  They are now fat and sassy on their pasture of clover, peas and oats.  They are receiving organic grain and whey from Harmony dairy in Edgar.  I have a few extra-large animals that will be ready by early August, but the rest will play in the sun into September.  The pastured Berkshire pork is selling for $3.50/lb hanging weight, with a half weighing in around 90lbs.

The first batch of 120 Freedom Rangers are out on the pasture, being moved on to fresh grass twice each day.  They have weathered the recent downpours and high winds with no problems!  The second batch of chicks just arrived and is tucked into the brooder shed for the next 3 weeks.  We cannot believe how quickly they grow!  These Beyond Organic birds are selling for $4/lb at the Farmers Market but we can give a $.25/lb discount if more than 10 birds are pre-ordered.

Our daughter Erin’s meat rabbit enterprise is new this summer.  Two heritage breed American Chinchilla does produced nice litters last month.  She will have fryers available in August and hopefully again in October.  The fryers will be processed by us on-site and available to purchase here on the farm.  She is doing a wonderful job caring for these little guys-we are very proud of her! 

You may have noticed that our prices are higher than the previous two years.   Feed prices in general have been rising and organic feed is higher yet.   With two years of livestock production under our belts, we have come to the realization that in order to rise above ‘hobbyist’ status and become a sustainable business that our prices need to go up.  We hope this does not cause too many problems with your family’s budget.

Kris is at the Weston Farmer’s Market every Saturday this summer and fall.  We are marketing with New Grass Farms- just look for the tent with all the coolers!  Stop by to say hi.

Thank you for your support!      The Hoffman Family


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