The much anticipated box ‘o pork

I am very happy to say that my entire inventory of pork cuts, bacon, ham and sausage are nestled into cold storage for the winter.  I also have mixed feelings about the end of the farmer’s market for 2012.  (This weekend is the last for the Weston market)  Things are getting cold so it is probably for the best. 

I would like to announce a new offering for our farm:  a 20lb box of pork consisting of roughly of equal amounts of pork chops, roasts and processed meat.  Expect to receive 2# of bacon, 3# brats and 2# sausage (your choice of italian or plain) as well as 7# of roasts and 6# of chops (your choice of thick or standard).   The cost for a box is $125 which is an approximate discount of 10% over buying the individual cuts.

The boxes will be available as long as supplies hold out, which likely means all winter.  I also have a nice supply of (nitrate and msg free) traditional ham sliced into 1/2 lb packages (think deli lunch meat only WAY better!).  I will have some at the market this Saturday.  It will retail for $4 per package. 
I also have a few chickens to sell – both whole and 8 piece cuts.
I will have a good supply of products at the LAST farmer’s market on Saturday, but please give me a call if you wish to pick up a box ‘o pork or a larger quantity of bacon, ham or sausage!

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