Green Grass Dreams


I am having vivid dreams of walking through knee high green pastures.  They are so vivid.  I can feel the stems on my bare legs, smell the crushed green of broken leaves.  The sun is warm on my back and the breeze ruffles my hair. Cerulean blue sky, brown calf eyes, green so bright it hurts your eyes.

Then I wake up.  To palate of cold grey.  Grey ski, grey snow, grey trees.  Grey me.  Don’t get me wrong, I love winter!  But not in April.

I have baby chicks coming in 2 1/2 weeks.  140 of them.  They will be homeless unless winter releases its grip.  I have one shed, it is a 10×16 storage shed and currently serves all my poultry needs.  It is a winter coop for my 25 laying hens and usually in April the hens move out and go out to the pasture.  Then it is time for spring hen-house cleaning.  The 2+ feet of partially composted shavings/chicken poo which has accumulated over the winter is shoveled out and moved to the compost pile next to the garden.  The shed is swept, sprayed and scrubbed out.  Once dry we are ready for the peeping yellow fuzzballs.  Reading this I can see that I need to postpone my chick delivery!

This has not been a great winter for me.  I usually enjoy the time to sort of regroup and work on projects I don’t have time for during the summer madness.  This year was different.  Darker somehow.  I had a hard time self-motivating and instead allowed inertia to take over.  What is worse is that I am the family ‘activity director’  and if I don’t initiate something, it ain’t gonna happen.  So we all just sat on the couch.  Puke!  Tom and I have completely forgot how to have fun, how to belly laugh.

Next winter I need a plan for physical activity and FUN.  Maybe some snowshoeing (fun races?), we are also considering an ATV (or 2? cuz who wants to go alone?) which would be dual purpose farm/fun.  Maybe I can find an art show to enter for spring on 2014.  I need deadlines to function and I need fun the thrive.


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