Farm Goals

Chore Time


We bought our 20 acres over the winter of 2010, building our house the following summer.  We were not comfortable being suburbanites, and our country’s (world’s)  economic instability has only added fuel to our desire to become a more self sufficient household.   Our goals for GrasWerka Farm are multiple but center around growing healthy food for our family and friends.  We hope to do this in a way which will provide our girls with an appreciation for hard work, family and the natural world.  We also plan to leave our piece of central Wisconsin in better shape than we found it-herbicide free, improved soil and ecologically diverse.  Finally, we hope to create a community of aware consumers, to be an agent for change-however small. 

GrasWerka (pronounced gras verka)  is a german translation of grass works.  We want the grass to do the work.  I look out at our pasture and see a 20 acre green solar panel quietly soaking up the sun’s energy and being harvested by our livestock.


One response to “Farm Goals

  • Amy Frolik

    Hi Kris – It was nice to talk to you yesterday and find out all about your new adventure. Please keep me on the list for your future farm open house. Jesse and I would love to come vist. Take care and best of luck to you. Amy

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