Pastured Organic Broilers

For 2013 we will again be raising pastured chickens for roasting birds in the 4-7 lb range.  They are housed in tractors which are moved over the pasture daily or as grass conditions warrant.  They will receive  free-choice organic feed in addition to bugs, clover, alfalfa, timothy and orchard grass.  We will raise three runs of 140 birds- 35 in each of our 10×10 ‘tractors’.

Our main farm market bird will be the Cornish cross, they are a rapidly growing efficient bird bred to produce large white meat breasts.  They reach market weight in 7-8 weeks and will be sold either in 8 piece cut-up or whole frozen birds.  This are chickens the way your Grandmother used to make!  They are delicious, juicy and bursting with FLAVOR!  They will be available early July through October.   If interested in birds for this fall please contact us via e-mail or respond to this post.  We are currently planning for the upcoming year and don’t want to fall short of demand!

We will also raise the slower growing Red Ranger, but only on a pre-ordered basis.  These birds grow more slowly but in my opinion, surpass the Cornish for taste.  They are superb foragers and actively seek out insects and worms in the grass.  Once I have feed ordered I can publish meat prices.


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