Pastured Pork

Berkshire pig on pasture

Our eight week old Berkshire piglets will arrive mid summer in 2013 and we will raise them on pasture until approximately 250 lbs (6-7 months of age).  They  are rotated to new pasture weekly and as they grow larger they will be moved even more frequently.  This year we are trying a slightly different approach.  Organic grain prices continue to climb so we will experiment with fewer hogs in the pasture and planting even more peas and oats, sweet corn, turnips and pumpkins for them to self harvest.   We also obtain whey from a local cheese factory and plan to go back to the old ways of fermenting grain to create a nutritious and (for a pig!) delicious slop.  We hope to decrease the amount of purchased grain in this way.

The pigs are able to act like pigs and their rooting is actually important to us!  They will actually be helping to renovate the pasture so we can plant more annuals for them to eat later in the season.

We will have pork available by the 1/2 or whole in November.  Barring any further unexpected grain price changes we expect to sell the pigs for $3.50 per lb hanging weight.  1/2 pig=approx 90# hanging weight at $3.50/lb = $315.  The 1/2 hog will yield approx 70lbs of pork once fat and bones are trimmed ( but I recommend you keep some fat for your own gourmet high vit.D and omega-3 fatty acid lard, not to mention suet) , so $315/70#= $4.50/lb for REAL heritage pork, raised locally and humanely with organic feed.  An additional check written out to the butcher will vary depending on which cuts of meat or smoking you wish to have done.  As we get closer to fall I will contact you to guide you through placing your order with the butcher.  Heritage hogs raised on pasture have a much different texture, appearance and taste than their white factory raised brethren (certainly NOT the other white meat).  Please contact us ASAP if you wish to reserve pastured pork for fall of 2013.

Another option for those with limited freezer space is the 20# box:  6# chops, 2# spare ribs, 5# roast, 2# bacon, 3# brats, and 2# ground or sausage for $125.   I am also selling pork by the cut at the Weston Farmers Market Saturdays beginning May 4th.  Feel free to stop by the market or make an apt to see the farm!


One response to “Pastured Pork

  • Survival Sherpa

    Just ate some Berkshire babyback ribs from a local farmer and smoked on my Big Green Egg…amazing!!! That’s the only pork I want to ever cook and eat again.

    So glad you stopped by my blog. Really appreciate your pastured practices.

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